Important Information

What to bring

Swimsuit, Walking shoes, sandals, Towel, Sunscreen, Hat, Sunglasses, Camera


Please keep your distance from the wild dingoes and please do not feed them. They have not been known to approach unless encouraged.


You will need a camping permit if camping on Fraser Island. Your camping permit must be clearly displayed on your camping structure.

Please leave the area where you stop or stay tidy and exactly how you found it so that everyone can enjoy Fraser Island's natural beauty.

Camp fires may only be lit in communal fire rings provided.

Visitors are encouraged to bring and use their own fuel or gas camping stoves to help Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) in its attempts to reduce the high numbers of burn injuries related to open campfires. The policy on open campfires also aims to reduce the risk of wildfires caused by campfires and helps create a clean-air camping experience on Fraser Island.

Campers who want a campfire in the communal fire rings provided, must bring their own firewood. However it must be untreated, milled timber (e.g. mill off-cuts), not bush timber, as this reduces the risk of introducing foreign pathogens and other pests into the park. Visitors are reminded that all flora in protected areas, including dead trees or fallen limbs, is protected by law and therefore cannot be cut or collected.


Fraser Island is only suitable for 4WD exploration. You will only be able to drive 2WD vehicles around Kingfisher Bay Resort. You will need a vehicle access permit to drive a 4WD on Fraser Island. All vehicles brought onto Fraser Island must have a current Vehicle Service Permit (VSP). The VSP must be affixed to the windscreen of your vehicle. 

Practice safe driving through the various sand tracks and do not exceed 80 km/h on the beach stretch - it is classified as a regular highway.

Make sure your vehicle is in good working order and take spare parts with you, e.g. radiator hoses, spare wheels. Most of the Island is fairly tame, however it's a good idea to explore with a group and bring tow cables in case somebody gets stuck.

About Fraser Island